This initiative provides a unique global forum to the educational leaders to think, act and lead the transformational change needed to reshape education for a fast changing world.

GREAT 21 is for senior members of global academic community, policy makers, multilateral organizations and other institutional stakeholders who are committed to drive positive change in the world of education and training at all levels and across the continents.

It provides an opportunity to be part of a distinguished and powerful community of futuristic leaders who will work collectively as well as individually to make Education for a Sustainable World a reality. These leaders will be the driving force in reshaping the global educational landscape and making their institutions exemplary 21st century learning centers.

The GREAT 21 institutional members with outstanding commitment and contribution in shaping the future of education will be awarded the title “World Leader in Educational Innovation”. In addition, the individuals with significant contribution in shaping the future of education will be awarded the title “Distinguished Academic Leader of the World”.

The senior members of educational institutions and relevant institutional stakeholders are invited to participate in the upcoming conference in October this year in Karlsruhe, Germany and join their peers and colleagues from around the world in transforming education for a sustainable future. The presence of leading practitioners and stakeholders will provide a landmark opportunity to set future directions and prepare students for the 21st century challenges.

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The global academic community and other stakeholders interested in the subject of transforming education meet annually in Karlsruhe, Germany. If you would like to discuss your active participation, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail: mail [@]


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What academic institutions and educators need to do to effectively respond to the fast changing global scenario?
How to successfully position academic institutions as one of the key leaders in creating a sustainable world – environmentally, socially and economically?
What competencies, capacities, abilities, skills and attitudes are increasingly in demand and will be the “must-haves” in the future?
How to engage young and adult learners in sustainable development?
These and many other fundamental questions need to be extensively discussed and answered to launch or to intensify our efforts for mainstreaming sustainability in education.


Education Policy Makers and Representatives of Governments, Multilateral Institutions and Sustainable Development Organisations
Heads/ Senior Members of Academic Institutions
Faculty Members of Universities and School Teachers

Who Attends?

Research Scholars and Human Development Professionals
Representatives of Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institutions
Environmental Educationists
Senior Managers/ Administrators of Educational Institutions


Sustainable Development Practitioners, Environmental Professionals, HR Trainers and all those involved or interested in shaping education and training for the changing world


2014: Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe Dr. Frank Mentrup (Left) of the host city of Karlsruhe and Ambassador of Romania to Germany & Former Minister of Foreign Affairs His Excellency Mr. Lazăr Comănescu (Right) addressing the IGEE conference delegates

The Education for Sustainability │International Greening Education Event is a hallmark event for transforming education and making it more responsive to the 21st century challenges. It is a well known platform world-wide that supports educational institutions on their sustainability journey. This premier event also fosters collaboration among global academic community, policymakers, sustainable development practitioners, teachers and those who are working to create a more sustainable world.