About the Awards

The Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards honours financial institutions and organizations with significant contributions to the field of sustainable finance. The awards aim to:

Provide recognition to financial institutions that have successfully embedded economic, social and environmental sustainability into their business;

Honour organizations that have made outstanding contributions in the field of sustainable finance;

Stimulate the interests of financial institutions and other stakeholders in integrating sustainability in their core business strategy; and

Promote the growth of sustainable financial instruments and markets worldwide particularly in the fields of green finance and investments, financial inclusion and social finance, green equity and venture capital and holistic integration of sustainability in the financial services institutions

The Categories

Best Innovation in Sustainable Financial Products & Services
This award recognizes outstanding success in financial products and services that balance the 3 Ps (People, Planet, Profits). Winners in this category will have applied innovative approaches in embedding sustainability in lending and/ or deposit products and other financial services that advance the transformation to low carbon and sustainable economy.

Outstanding Sustainable Project Financing
This award recognizes outstanding success in long-term financing of exemplary industrial/ commercial or infrastructure projects that benefit local communities, protect the environment and ensure reliable returns to investors and lenders.

Outstanding Business Sustainability Achievement
This award recognizes outstanding success in incorporating economic, social and environmental aspects in the corporate strategy and business processes. Winners in this category will have holistically embedded sustainability across the financial institutions.

Eligible Institutions
The awards are presented to financial institutions and organizations that have distinguished themselves through outstanding contributions to the field of sustainable finance.

Applicant institutions must be members of Global Sustainable Finance Network (GSFN). For downloading GSFN brochure and membership form: http://eosd.org/gsfn.pdf

Nomination Process and Criteria
Eligible institutions may send the entries by completing the nomination forms. The submissions for 2018 Awards are currently being accepted. The evaluation criteria and weights are mentioned in the nomination forms and can be transmitted upon request. Please send an email to: mail[@]eosd.org and sustainability[@]etechgermany.net.

Award Ceremony
The recipients of The Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards will receive the award plaques by the City of Karlsruhe in Germany. The winners will be honoured in an award ceremony that will take place during the annual Global Sustainable Finance Conference in Karlsruhe. It is mandatory for the short-listed institutions to be represented by the Chief Executive or at least one senior member.

Note: The funding for participation, hotel stay, air-ticket or any other expenses related to the travel is not available and is to be covered by the participating institutions.

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The next Global Sustainable Finance Conference will be tentatively held from 12th to 13th of July 2018. If you are interested in attending this global event, please send us an email: mail [@]eosd.org


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The Global Sustainable Finance Network (GSFN) is a membership-based global initiative that brings together financial institutions and other stakeholders committed to the advancement of sustainable finance.

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Rewarding institutions with proven success in the field of sustainable finance.

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