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The Sustainability Center Karlsruhe is strategically located at the heart of Europe with excellent rail, road and air links to all major destinations around the world. It is about an hour away from Frankfurt am Main and less than two hours from Basel in Switzerland. The city is at the intersection of the major Autobahn (German Motorway) A5 Hamburg – Karlsruhe – Basel A6/A8 (Paris).

The region of Karlsruhe is one of the most technologically advanced and financially sound places in Europe. It has a vibrant industry, solid economic base, business friendly environment and excellent infrastructure facilities. The region is well known for scientific development, technological innovation and industrial activities. Carl Benz, Heinrich Hertz and Karl Drais are just few examples of the prominent figures of Karlsruhe who have made significant and lasting contributions to science and technology.

Karlsruhe is also home to prestigious and one of the largest Research and Development institutions in Europe enabling the Sustainability Center to benefit from leading-edge R&D infrastructure and highly qualified human capital.



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