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It goes without saying that companies with ecological technologies, environmental friendly processes and social business practices are the future-proof companies. The society is now expecting from large corporate entities and multinational organisations to play their role in making world economy greener and more just. The corporate sector now has a gigantic responsibility to drive innovation for a more sustainable future.

The Sustainability Center Karlsruhe, a hub for sustainability-centric enterprises, provides a range of programs to support the sustainability transformation of corporate entities. If you are interested in exploring how the Sustainability Center Karlsruhe can contribute in your efforts to go green, please send us an email (mail a to discuss further details.



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Green Fund

The Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio for Sustainable Development is being established by EOSD and its partner institutions.  Details »»

Sustainable Finance Awards

Embracing Sustainability

The time for change has come. The keyword today is sustainability and balancing its three pillars – economic, environmental and social – is the challenge of our times. Details »

Greening Education Event

Keep abreast of latest in education sector, meet peers from around the globe and be part of shaping the way we teach and learn in the 21st century. Details »»

The Global Platform


Cleantech to Market

Do you have a technological solution that support our transition to a low-carbon, environmental friendly and a sustainable economy? Details »»

Greening Buildings & Infrastructure

How green and sustainable are the current practices to green the building stock? Join hands for truly sustainable buildings around the globe. Details »»

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