What delegates say about IGEE?

Ontario | Canada
"Attending the International Greening Education event was an amazing experience for me. The energy and passion for working towards a sustainable future that was shared by the participants and presenters was unparalleled. Each and every presenter surprised me by the amazing greening work they are doing: from greening schools to greening university campuses, as well as greening whole communities…. I would like to thank you and all the organizers of this event for bringing together people from all over the world to share ideas and create sustainable networks for a greener future."
Professor Dr. Yovita Gwekwerere, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario Canada

Varna | Bulgaria
"I would like to share with you how glad I am that I attended The Greening Education Event in your city and to thank you for the perfect organisation and the interesting conference you made. Although we are all back to work now, we are enriched with such useful information, a lot of knowledge and new contacts with different people that surely will help us improve our common efforts to make our environment more healthy….Thank you for making all this happen!
Cordial regards from the Black see,
Dr. Maria Dimova, The University of Medicine, Varna, Bulgaria"

Washington D.C. | USA
“I was impressed at the national reach, and the quality of the speakers. Also, the structure of the conference really helped build camaraderie among the attendees, which is so useful in staying in touch and building on the connections we made.”
Merrilee Harrigan
Alliance to Save Energy, Washington, USA

Doha | Qatar
"I assure you that it was one of the most exciting and interesting events I have had. I will be glad to participate in your future events and I will also recommend them to other colleagues.

The topics discussed during the event are of vital importance for people from various disciplines especially for those involved in education and curriculum development.
My best regards and greetings,
Dr. Ziad Said, College of North Atlantic, Qatar"

City Queen Campus | Australia
"Words escape me.
I arrived at the IGEE 2010 in Karlsruhe with a completely open mind and without expectation. I left with an enriched soul and a mind full of inspiration, abuzz with ideas.
Delegates with diverse backgrounds from all corners of our beautiful planet shared challenges, aspirations and ideas on how to inspire everyone on Earth with the joy of sustainable living. We explored what this means in great depth and from many angles. We shared ... I learnt so much. I realised that continuous exploring, sharing and learning are essential elements of 'walking the talk' of a sustainable human existence. I connected with the intangible aesthetic sensuality that is sustainable life. What an honour to have spent time with this incredible group of people.
As a teacher of future lawyers, my personal challenge has new clarity - sustainability must be integral to every part of the way I teach law. Thanks to the experience of Karlsruhe 2010, I feel truly empowered for this adventure -inspiring my students, our future leaders and rule-makers, to know that the practice of law is an infinitely more joyful vocation when social justice and sustainability not only go hand-in-hand, but are truly inseparable."
Su Robertson, Victoria University, City Queen Campus, Australia

Timisoara | Romania
"The EOSD, during the Greening education event, provided an excellent opportunity for academic networking that will certainly contribute to the creation of a sustainable community and enhance the quality of education worldwide. During the conference, a number of crucial issues concerning the necessity of a visionary approach of human development through education in a healthy green environment were raised to the benefit of present and future generations."
Professor Dr. Liliana Donath, West University Timisoara

Mayville| South Africa
“...This event was different and I left feeling empowered and with a sense of having met new friends and colleagues struggling with the same issues as myself when it comes to implementing Education for Sustainability. Karlsruhe is a wonderful city working towards becoming a true "green city". I have taken with me not only insights from the work that my new found colleagues across the globe are doing but experiences from a city that is truly leading the way in green living and celebrating cultural heritage. I will surely make this an annual visit and look forward to sharing experiences from South Africa with you all next year.
We look forward to working with you and your organization in the future with the hope that we can combine our efforts in our quest for sustainability in Africa.
Kind regards
Selwyn Jacobs, Environment & Language Education Trust (ELET), SOUTH AFRICA

Tanjong Malim | Perak Malaysia
"This is one of the most awesome sustainability event, 'Greening Education Event' which I have ever attended. A blend of intellectual discourse, open discussion, networking and entertainment had made the conference a wonderful and relax one. Thanks to the wonderful and painstaking job...... Another thumbs-up for the team is that we got all the wonderful conference materials to be disseminated to others within such a short time. Bravo for a job well done....
Thank you and warmest regards,
Dr. Maria binti Salih, Sultan Idris University of Education, 35900 Tanjong Malim, Perak, Malaysia"

Victoria | Australia
“The invitation to the conference enabled me to network with numerous highly intelligent and interesting professionals from all around the world with a passion for sustainable practises and helping our environment….The conference has given me ideas which I will try to incorporate into the Sustainability Curriculum at my school.
I hope to be invited again,
With warm regards”
Kamila Krauze, Glen Huntly Primary School, Australia

Bauchi | Nigeria
"Indeed, we appreciate the great effort and understanding (in spite of our shortcomings) you have put in to accomplish this success. We pray for continuous growth for IGEE in Karlsruhe.
We are hoping to be part of the subsequent events.
Thank you and Best wishes,"
Ibrahim Udale Hussaini, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Nigeria

Virginia | USA
“I enjoyed the conference especially because it gave me a more global perspective of what is going on in other countries. I also enjoyed meeting the diversity of people. Look forward to continued interactions.”
Dr. Sonia Ortega, National Science Foundation,
Virginia, USA

Potchefstroom | South Africa
"Thank you for organizing the International Greening Education Event 2010. It was for us an inspiring and informative event. We returned with new ideas and motivation to make our teaching and campus more sustainable."
Dr Schalk Raath and Prof Barry Richter, North West University, South Africa

San Luis Province | Argentina
"I would like to mention how great it was for me to be part of this international event. I have brought back home lots of new ideas to develop in Argentine…..During the event, I had the possibility of learning and exchanging knowledge of greening education with very interesting professionals from all over the world and join a network that will facilitate me keep in contact with them and join together to develop new projects in the field of education and sustainable development”
Victoria Marini, La Punta University, San Luis Province Argentina

Walla Walla | USA
"Thank you for organizing such an interesting and truly international gathering!
Best wishes, Phil Brick”
Whitman College
Walla Walla,

Selangor |Malaysia
"It is inspiring to see that we are not the only ones trying to 'heal the world' and it spurs passion and give continuous hope to those who are already doing it for the longest while. But while individual efforts is great, consolidated actions is needed and surely better for the future. ”
Johleen Koh
WWF-Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia Office-HQ)
Selangor, Malaysia

Buenos Aires | Argentina
“My experience at the event was very rewarding. This event served in many ways, mainly to learn about what is going on in other countries. Many lessons aroused from the experiences shared by the different experts enabling horizontal learning and networking. On the other hand, I met many inspiring people with whom I established bonds of friendship and I expect to continue in contact in the future.”
Damasia Ezcurra, Universidad de San Andrés

Amman | Jordan
"It has been a great pleasure participating in the IGEE 2010. This event has changed the eye I see the world by. Now I'm more aware of my role as a human being, and my responsibility towards Earth and the coming generations. The selection of presenters was amazing, so was the commitment of the organizers to make the event a successful, productive, informative, and an enjoyable one.

This event has motivated me to apply many things in my school and community; it gave me many ideas, and prepared me to take a more active part in my country and worldwide. Meeting people with such great experiences was a great way to inspire everyone in the event, as well as offering them the chance for possible co-operation….Best regards to you and to everyone who helped in organizing this event and making it such a great and inspiring one."
Qais Al-Hinti, The Ahliyyah School for Girls, Amman, Jordan

Georgia, USA
“Actually, it was my pleasure to be part of your wonderful conference. Not only did I have a chance to meet many outstanding workers in the area of "Greening," but I profited from hearing about model programs that are functioning and may eventually serve as models for us at my school.”
Dr. Phillip Callaway, Haynes Bridge Middle School

Kyoto | Japan
"Thank you so much, for a fabulous four days in Karlsruhe. I am extremely grateful to you and your team for everything you did to create such a unique learning and sharing environment for all of us."
Tracey Gannon
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN

Auckland, New Zealand
"Thanks for having me for the interesting conference. I met many wonderful people and found the atmosphere very welcoming and friendly. I particularly enjoyed being in a truly international setting."
Professor Niki Harré, University of Auckland

Antananarivo | Madagascar
“Thank you so much for organizing this very interesting conference. It was really very important for us because:
1- It gives us an opportunity to have new vision about green education and green thinking; and
2- The contact with other participants helps us to reinforce and improve our activities.
I just want to thank you for your effort to organize this very international conference, and I hope that it is not the last conference you have held. I suggest that if you schedule to host new conferences in the future, more African countries are invited, for more exchanges and experiences.
Thanks again."
Mamisoa J. Andrianjafy, ProVert, Malagasy Lutheran Church, Andohalo, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Seoul, Korea
“Congratulations on the success of the conference and thanks for your giving me chance to present.
I truly enjoyed and learned a lot from many speakers and discussions…I hope I can participate again in near future.
Warmest regards”
Professor Jaeweon Cho | Yonsei University, South Korea

South Carolina | USA
“I very much appreciated hearing about all of the wonderful work, especially the practical projects, going on around the world. Very awe-inspiring!"
Paul Shotsberger, Southern Westeyan University

Tanjong Malim | Perak Malaysia
"I have left this event with many ideas for educational projects and for greening our campus. It was a very interesting and pleasant experience as everything had been well planned and organized."
Kind regards,
Dr. Stefan Bucher”

Jerusalem | Israel
"I would like to thank you in regard to the interesting and important conference.
The lectures were instructive. The ability to learn from the experiences of others is important and enriching for everyone. Even the informal discussions held among the participants maintained contacts and contributed to the continuance of the learning process and the dissemination of knowledge between us.
I look forward to continuing the relationship in the future."
Dalia Fenig, Ministry of Education, Israel

Yukon| Canada
"Thanks very much for a great event. I enjoyed it very much and hope to attend again. Best wishes," Kathryn Aitken, Ph.D., Yukon Y1A 5K4 Canada"

Cario | Egypt
"IGEE- 2010, is a magical path created by the preparation of the event & the positive contribution of the participants (speakers & attendants), sharing experiences & future plans, welcoming cooperation, & bringing mankind to an era of harmony for the sake of saving Earth for us & future generations, providing us with several "How to do?? perspectives", defining our vision and elaborating our action plans. IGEE is the gate for future prosperity to next generations.
I came back home with the belief of making GREENING EDUCATION, a culture, sharing a universal language. I believe that hand in hand, through Education, we can save the EARTH."
Dina El-Hadidy, CEO, Pioneers Corporate for Educational Services

Portland, Oregon | USA
"I considered the meeting an unadulterated success! The participants were varied, lively to speak with, and had novel ideas to share. The setting, schedule, and chances to network were excellent. I can only thank everyone in Karlsruhe who did so much to make this an unusual and memorable event. I hope to be able to stay well connected with these people and this effort in the future, Steve"
Professor Dr. Steven Kolmes, University of Portland, USA"

Riyadh | Saudi Arabia
"It was a very enriching experience that I had at the Greening Education event at Karlsruhe. In fact I came to learn how to introduce sustainability in postgraduate chemistry projects, but I was really surprised by the broad field of sustainability. I brought back home with me a wider concept of sustainability and an intention for a more active role in introducing it in education. In addition, I would like to express my deep appreciation for your kind and warm greeting."
Professor Dr. Maha H. Al-Qunaibit, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Lapai, Niger State | Nigeria
"Thank you so much for the warm reception, hospitality and most of all the shared learning opportunity on sustainability issues. It's been a wonderful experience and we look forward to a sustained mutually beneficial relationship.
Warm regards.
Dr M.N. Maiturare"
Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University
Lapai, Niger State, Nigeria

Ontario | Canada
"I was particularly impressed with the multi-level integration that the case studies demonstrated, and the cross-pollination that occurred as a result of the conference presentations. The case studies from Germany and Argentina demonstrated an 'integration' of strategy: linking curriculum and labour market training to work practices within schools, to government and social stakeholders, to (in the case of Argentina), state-level economic development plans. The 'cross-pollination' was a result of learning across continents ........
Dr. Carla Lipsig Mummé, York University,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada"

Indianapolis | USA
“The International Greening Education Conference was outstanding, it far exceeding my expectations. Educators from 20 countries attended and exchanged their ideas and views on an very important topic. I enjoyed every aspect of the conference, ...I hope to keep in contact with many of the people I have met.
Professor Patricia Fox
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University, First Vice President and the Vice President for External Relations of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)”

Dhaka, Bangladesh
“I thoroughly enjoyed the event and I shall draw useful lessons and ideas from the deliberations and try to apply them in encouraging sustainability initiatives by modernizing curriculum in our educational institutions and motivating the young generation to be aware of their environmental rights.”
Prof. Dr. M. Muhibur Rahman, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh

Kyoto| Japan
“…I really enjoyed the presentations and meeting all the participants. It was a very good mix of topics and had a very nice ambiance.
Jane Singer, Kyoto University”

Dushanbe | Tajikistan
"Thank you very much for well organised event and inviting OSCE to participate in it. For sure we are also looking forward to coming back and sharing our experience in establishment of the "green" young people movement in Tajikistan.
Warm regards from warm Tajikistan,
Muhabbat Kamarova,
Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
OSCE Office in Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Tajikistan"

Glasgow | UK
“I would like to congratulate you all on hosting and delivering a very informative and worthwhile event; I have taken quite a lot from the event and also a list of useful new contacts. I hope to see you again next year.”
Martin Loy, Cumbernauld College, UK

"It was a great pleasure to meet you in Karlsruhe and your effort to bring IGEE 2011 to a such level of success is highly appreciated. Wish you all the best and hoping to see you again in the near future.
With best regards,
Jasem Al-Awadhi, Kuwait University, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Sciences KUWAIT"

Ontario, Canada
“I was impressed with the quality of the audience and some of the presentations, as well as the overall organization. I also liked your "all-inclusive" format of the conference...”
Prof. Dr. Lotfi Belkhir, McMaster University, Canada

Ile-Ife |Nigeria
“….I want to congratulate you for the well organized and successful programme. I hope to keep in touch. Best regards"
Professor Ayobami T. Salami, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria"

New Britain/ USA
“….We feel honored to have been a part of the IGEE conference and I look forward to future collaborations with you and others who attended the IGEE.
Thanks again for inviting us."
Charles Button, Central Connecticut State University, USA

The global academic community and other stakeholders interested in the subject of transforming education meet annually in Karlsruhe, Germany. If you would like to discuss your active participation, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail: mail [@] eosd.org.


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What academic institutions and educators need to do to effectively respond to the fast changing global scenario?
How to successfully position academic institutions as one of the key leaders in creating a sustainable world – environmentally, socially and economically?
What competencies, capacities, abilities, skills and attitudes are increasingly in demand and will be the “must-haves” in the future?
How to engage young and adult learners in sustainable development?

These and many other fundamental questions need to be extensively discussed and answered to launch or to intensify our efforts for mainstreaming sustainability in education.


Education Policy Makers and Representatives of Governments, Multilateral Institutions and Sustainable Development Organisations
Heads/ Senior Members of Academic Institutions
Faculty Members of Universities and School Teachers

Who Attends?

Research Scholars and Human Development Professionals
Representatives of Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institutions
Environmental Educationists
Senior Managers/ Administrators of Educational Institutions


Sustainable Development Practitioners, Environmental Professionals, HR Trainers and all those involved or interested in shaping education and training for the changing world


2014: Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe Dr. Frank Mentrup (Left) of the host city of Karlsruhe and Ambassador of Romania to Germany & Former Minister of Foreign Affairs His Excellency Mr. Lazăr Comănescu (Right) addressing the IGEE conference delegates

The Education for Sustainability │International Greening Education Event is a hallmark event for transforming education and making it more responsive to the 21st century challenges. It is a well known platform world-wide that supports educational institutions on their sustainability journey. This premier event also fosters collaboration among global academic community, policymakers, sustainable development practitioners, teachers and those who are working to create a more sustainable world.